Her life was all set…she had everything she had ever dreamed of. Promises of forever…. But promises can be broken. Alyson Almon, or Ally as she is called, finds this out in a tragic way. The emotional scars on her heart are ones only she can feel. With a change of location and a makeover she tries to start her life anew. She is drawn to a beautiful wedding and snaps some photos, capturing the love between the bride and her father. Luke McDerment, brother of the bride, is a man who is dealing with his own loss. Their paths cross when he spies her gorgeous photos and the instant attraction is something neither of them can deny. Luke, with the help of his family who also find themselves drawn to this haunted young woman, involve her in a project that throws her right in the middle of this loving, warm family. They have a Gala coming up and Ally is the perfect photographer to capture the moments. Ally is embraced by the family and finds that she needs the love and warmth this family gives so effortlessly. She also finds the attraction to Luke is something she can’t deny. Can they fight the electricity between them and just walk away or will they let fate hand them the happy ending they both desperately need?

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With Love

Alyson had everything she had dreamed of until a fateful day took it all away. Now, she is trying to find her happiness again by getting away from the memories that have haunted her. She went looking for peace and never expected to find something else. Luke and his family had suffered a loss of their own and were celebrating his sister Julia’s wedding when fate crossed his path with Alyson’s. With the help of Luke’s father George, Julia and their younger sister, Kristen, Luke tries to help Alyson to start again but will that lead to them to the happiness they both need so desperately?